Every Day’s a Holiday

These were beautiful zinnia’s in Summer.

I think they are still beautiful; dry seed heads dancing on dried out, brittle stems. They were all over the yards; here, there and everywhere. All different colors. All from seeds saved from other years.

Flower Power

It’s hard to distinguish one thing from another these days since everything is one or another shade of evaporated green or other color.

Holidays come and go like any other day for me.

I don’t have children, except for fur babies. I don’t have a husband; never have. My sisters children are all busily involved in their own wonderful lives and live distances away.

New Year’s Day comes and goes with little fanfare here. Our mantra, mine and the fur babies, is “No hurry, no worry”.

I lived that crazy life of corporatism’s entrapment until I could find my way out and into this peaceful existence.

The other late afternoon, a friend called and asked if I wanted to run up to get something at McDonald’s with her. I said I’d rather she would come sit and have some of my #KitchenSinkSoup. I had been bragging about it lately. This batch had turned out especially good and she wanted to try it.

She agreed since I was in the middle of cooking and didn’t want to leave it to go with her. I went about setting up the table for an impromptu, what she called a, “Tea Party”. I put out all my hodge-podge favorite eating things; pretty, vintage glassware and mismatched bowls and plates for all the little odds and ends of foods I could come up with to make it a dinner that included the soup.

I didn’t take a picture. It wasn’t all that special. But it was special to feel free to do that without a lot of rush, planning and fretting.

We talked our heads off for a couple of hours, uninterrupted by TV or any other distraction.

For me, the turning of the year is completely insignificant. It’s just another day, a wonderful day, a day to be one’s best. Always be one’s best.

I think every day should be a holiday. At least it should be treated like one because there aren’t that many of them and I cherish every one.

Haute Handbags

“Haute Handbags” in the queue

Things I love to do: Garden and Sew. I’m determined to continue to declutter to the point that those two things are pretty much all I have to think about doing.

Oh, of course, and to love me some fur babies. The more the merrier.


The only thing I can think of that I want to do more of now that today is today is to drink more green tea. 😉

Here’s to your health, your peace and abundance.

Every Day’s a Holiday.



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