The Male Chicks


They love animals.
They have goats and chickens and I’m not sure why, but donkeys. Maybe they are rescues.
They also have leather furniture.
What happened to all the male chicks and the cows whose hides they now sit upon. They never say, these animal-loving people.
Imagine the cost of heating and cooling.
Oh, sure, they designed it with a family of three kids in mind — so five in total, (an acre a person), and the total of the collective we that goes to look and ogle. I think the kids are likely grown now, though children never go away completely.
It seems a son is running a factory that they also designed to make the stuff they want to sell.
Factories. Animal slaves work in those. Human animals.
There are books and products to be sold and the ‘estate’ bodes well for advertising their individual and collective prowess at design and supplying a ‘lifestyle aesthetic’.
What is that lifestyle aesthetic? Can everybody have it? Should anybody?
Read the comments behind the video tour — EVERYBODY seems to want it — and want it badly.
I’m always torn because I love great design. It was my career after all. I had to think of beautiful ways to help sort-of-rich folks plan their spaces and then, the main part, sell them the stuff to fill the holes in their lives and souls.
It started to ruin mine. I started to see that it was waste and complete luxury and I decided that I wanted time more than money.
Part of that awareness came upon me because, all the while I was designing, I was driving around in a Toyota truck with a camper shell to house the many samples I had to drag along with me. I wore silk shirts and sweated through them trying to find their houses in the hills with a map book and a visit to a pay phone once in a blue moon. Me in my truck without air conditioning because all that I could afford when I bought it was a stock truck.
Sometimes people would ask me if they could help me carry samples back out to my truck and I would say, “No, that’s absolutely unnecessary but thank you very much,” because I was horrified at the thought that they would see this designer person in less than a Mercedes.
I still have that truck. It was born in 1983 and it’s had me for its first and, so far, last mother. It served its purpose perfectly. The stories it could tell. Oh, the stories it reminds me of — I relish in them still.
I don’t think the Giannettis would ever consider keeping a vehicle until it dies. I guess I could be wrong.
I guess we need things to ogle. The world turns and it seems to need economy to turn. I guess I shouldn’t badger them, but… I want to hate them for using animals to sell books and architecture and factory-made stufffff and ride on the tale of the lust and greed to have it all that they know showing their lifestyle will sponsor so that they can get even richer. Read the comments.
Bah humbug!
Who am I to say. I have too much too.
I shall go back to trying to design a catio with gorilla racks just because I can.

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