Blame The Dog

I want to go on record as having said I’m not falling for the official story. I’m a thinking person. I didn’t fall for 911 either, not even the day it was happening. My first thought was that it was a Hollywood production — which, as it turns out, it sort of was.

I don’t believe the CDC or WHO or Bill Gates or any of the ones that are in the back rooms laughing all the way to the bank with their virus loaded cash, digital currency, scammed profits, and all our hard-earned money stolen through inflation and medical expenses.

If you do your homework and don’t blame the dog for eating the evidence, you will find that WHO is being run by a criminal, murdering fool and was put in place by the likes of his cousin’s cousin’s cousin — that’s a metaphor but the stream of deciding factors aren’t much different than incest. The lady standing behind the man who is not allowed to be president currently and has been replaced by the director of the NIAID, Anthony S. Fauci, is a grifter of extremely compromised integrity — Deborah Brix —  She holds patents for vaccine$. So, we are, in effect, being controlled by an infectious disease, so-called specialist who has carte blanche to shut down the country, followed by the world, if he thinks we may all be killed by some ghost lurking about.

Look it up. It’s all there in black and white and full living color and is likely spreading like a virus on the internet.

I remain unconvinced that viruses are what make us sick — germs nor bacteria either.

Look to the garden. What do you see. When a thing dies, bacteria and fungus come in to clean things up, return them to their rightful homeostasis.

It seems to be the same with us — bacteria and fungus are in us for a purpose — getting rid of dead tissue and cells and toxic introductions — they manifest as they are needed. Claims are made that viruses are the soap that scrub things out when bacteria and fungi can’t keep up any longer. The trouble comes where we are bombarded — which we are — bankrupt soil equals bankrupt food. What about our water? What about our air? What about the pesticides at every corner and all the radiation towers spreading a blanket of questionable signals to cover us for all the good they are supposed to do to keep us all connected? What about stress. Dandelions are safe but real lions aren’t quite nor are the lions that are trying to tame us.

What we should be more concerned with is the toxic world and toxic lying people.

Our fear should be at why this money that is being pulled out of thin air for incentives to get businesses back, (so that the profit makers don’t lose any more than they absolutely have to long enough to convince us that they need us to all band together to make the change that they want to see happen), not going to cleaning up our water, making sure we don’t spray toxic chemicals on all our food and that the food we are eating is loaded with nutrition? Why can’t they find the money for single-payer when we need it but it appears magically when they need it to bail out Wall Street. Oh, yeah, Wall Street is just borrowing it. Useless users use it.

Why isn’t that money going to build the infrastructure for permaculture farms and no till, organic operations?

Why, why, why — why indeed.

I think we all sort of really know the answer. But let’s not accept it.





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