Kitties And I

Lucy Goosie

Since we started with Lucy last post, we’ll start with her again. She has her mouth open. She was right in the middle of saying something when I shot this. I think she was saying, “Don’t take me until I get my lipstick on but I’m too lazy to bother so just go away altogether.”

She got a good brushing just a few minutes before this and plopped back onto this latest favorite place to be while she is in with me.

MickeyMouser is in the studio. He gets bored very easily when I bring them in in the morning after I’ve closed off every room except the living room, kitchen and laundry and everything has plastic on.

It’s all Lucy’s fault. She keeps wanting to pee on things. So…they have been having to stay in the studio until I bring them in come morning. Meanwhile, we, (the kitties and I), are trying to build ways that they can be outside in some kind of screened in or doored enclosure.


…Two 50″ X 16′ wire cattle panels…


Some pieces of wood to try to make some doors for the front porch…

A friend helped me bring home the two new cattle panels to bend into arches just outside one of the windows of the studio. The big hackberry tree makes wonderful shade all summer long and drops all those leaves in fall to let the sun come through.

I think the kitties are going to love to be able to walk out that window and be outside safe and secure, once I get it done.


Some wire fencing was tried for making an arch and it was just too flimsy — even two layers together. I was trying to use what was already kicking around.

All the tubs filled with broken bits and pieces of ceramics, (that are planned to be mortared to this same wall along with a collection of mirrors and mirror pieces), were moved up onto the patio slab and all the leaves were raked and put into trash bins to be used for composting.


All this inspired by a little itty bitty kitty.

“Get your butt in gear, Mom!”

Still working on the inside too. Today I played with this piece of fabric to see if it will make a balloon-style valance for over the doorway to the front door.


Now that the kitties will have the studio, the house can be developed more for sewing. These boxes of things have been in the sewing room on a bookcase for quite awhile. Now clear totes are starting to be filled to bring in all the rest.


The newly filled tubs are working to keep them out of the bedroom until some kind of door can be put there — hopefully a folding pair of shutter panels. The door was removed when I first got here because it took too much space to open in.

DSCN1070 - Edited

Outside, the chaste tree is starting to bloom and it is so beautiful when it does.



Sweet potatoes looking good under the scraggly tree.


All the bottles under the table over there are going to be transferred to where the kitty cattle panels will be to cement in along the bottoms.


I really wanted to paint some decorations on the tarp before it went up on those cattle panels, but time was a ticking — too hot to think about it so it will have to stay silver this year.

And that’s another day in the life of a tin-foil-hat-wearing cat lady.




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