Place To Be


Today it is 87 degrees F inside and I’m fairly comfortable with just a little fan blowing on me — though the mudroom, where I prefer to be, is likely a few degrees hotter — I’m still in it because it’s such a comfortable place to be.


The kitties came in for a tiny spell but are so accustomed to being in the studio now, they don’t want to stay in with me for long.

Boohoo — I miss the little critters, but have to do whatever I can to keep all of us happy.

Fortunately there is that great big umbrella shade Hackberry tree out where I needed to be to work on their outdoor venue yesterday, right in the middle of that day’s heat.


I started out thinking I might be able to use that old bed frame to bend the cattle panel into an arch and use some way to pull the sides in to keep the shape.

Nope. Silly me trying to be lazy.

There were just four fence posts hanging around so — they got pounded in.

Somewhere in the course of things the pounder-inner fell on my bare foot and that hurt a lot. Another time the wire fencing sprung and slammed me on the side of the head. I’m lucky to be alive it seems.

Things that happen when you insist on doing things by yourself?

If I’d been on my game, I would have put the wire fencing on the panel BEFORE I made the arch and wedged it in.

Go figure.

What an ordeal trying to get that wimpy fencing up and over the arch all the while it kept catching on anything it could.

It got done with a couple of bomb words.


Yes, I plan to hose that gunk off the wall and make things nicer before much longer. That chair needs painting too. It came over to stand on.

I sure know how to take a risk.

This morning there was a slinky little black kitty sprawled out comfortably, (likely to torment the kitties in the window), right under the chair staring at me when I went out to measure for making some kind of a doorway.


There was just the right length of PVC pipe to cut for legs to lift the cattle panel up to make the right height. Now wire fencing will go around the bottom and, the hope is, to make a layer of bottles around the bottom, cemented in, to keep indoor and outdoor kitties from fighting through the fencing.

This is the same system used in the front yard for those cattle panel arches. Those were painted to look pretty. There isn’t enough time or worry to bother with making this pretty since it’s over in the side yard where no one from the street can see.

Some chicken wire will go up high enough to make the wire fence holes a little smaller on the lower level.

Realizing I hadn’t taken an image of the top to show how it fits so nicely around the window and right up to the rotting fascia, the slinky black kitty had gotten back under the chair.


The studio is falling down around itself. It needs a new roof and has since I’ve been here — 17 years.

That is why it makes a nice, bad-kitty place and why all the sewing stuff is making its way inside.

I’d rather tear the roof off and make some kind of greenhouse in the long run.

So, everything is working out like it needs too — kitties out there and with outside spaces and me inside with all my sewing supplies.


Walking over to take the fascia shot, this is where the sun was, almost directly overhead.


The carport cover is not looking very pretty either.


So, while it’s so hot, I shall work on things inside.

The puzzle is finished and just a few pieces were missing. They may be somewhere around as this puzzle has been under this and over that waiting for me to get to it — probably a couple of years.

It was a thrift store purchase, so there were no guarantees.

Today I shall spread a layer of white glue over it to keep it together so that it can be turned over to glue the back. It will likely be glued to a piece of plywood to make a floating thing to use for whatever it needs to be used for.


I LOVE putting puzzles together.

Real life ones, (like why is this crazy stuff happening), catios and pictures.

So there’s another day in the life of a crazy, tinfoil-hat-wearing cat lady.

Hope you’re well and happy too.




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