To A T

The kitties were in with me for a brief spell just before now. They tire of me easily, and that is a good thing — it’s wonderful that they like being in the studio.

I can visit them there and once the catio is finished, I can sit on the swing beside them to spend some outdoor time.

It was just too hot to think about it yesterday and I’ll really have to push myself today as it is VERY HOT again.



So, yesterday, for some reason, I got inspired to paint the floors in the living room, hall, bathroom and my bedroom again. It started with sweeping and mopping and went from there.

It’s all done by hand with a brush as I can’t be bothered with the mess or expense of a roller. I think it’s fun.

I HATE carpet. I’ve said that numerous times.

When I first got here, there was a popcorn Berber installed all over — that low-grade stuff off the roll from Home Depot. It wasn’t long before it was driving me crazy, so it got yanked out.

Under it was the original red concrete slab with black, tar-like glue in squares from having had some kind of, likely, vinyl tiles stuck on.

I lived with that mess for far too long with area rugs here and there to keep me from going totally crazy.

Finally, I got to painting all the floors.

I never tend to do things right. The style here is totally ad-lib with whatever is within arm’s reach or the store I’m in when inspiration strikes and as economical as possible.

I’ve really loved the color in the living room and hall — so went about trying to come as close as I could to it again with whatever was inside from trying to do the kitchen cupboards and the floors in there.


trying to get the shade right. The original is the darker areas.


I got pretty darned close. The above image is a corner I tried to do in the dim light of lamps last night and you can see a little patch that got missed.

Below are some of the patches under things that need to be moved out to paint under and why everything is pulled into the middle of the room in the first images.

This little book table has had several shades stroked on it trying to decide what color it wants to be. Time to get it sanded and finished. It will end up the dark blue if you can see the top of it somewhere up above.


The new shade for the floor is a smidgen darker and that doesn’t bother me one iota — so very pleased that it came out so close.

All the fine tuning going on these days has lots of stuff out on gorilla racks waiting for their fate.

The collection of teapots just can’t be parted with — but, they all got corralled to pride of place inside the big china and all the glass that was in it got sorted. Whatever wasn’t possible to be let go of, got arranged and put into the glass curio.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

DSCN1128 - Edited

Don’t look at the dust on the fireplace in the mirror image of it. (Did that work to keep you from looking?)

The glass curio has been completely cleaned as well as all the items in it. There wasn’t a speck of dust when it was finished. The teapots were in open cabinets up high in the kitchen and are layered in dust. This is another upcoming project — but it can’t all be done in a day.


The big china doesn’t get moved — it gets painted around. It’s up enough that it can be painted under just enough to fool all the prying eyes that are never here to see it.

I matter too.


So, I read an article lately that was published sometime back, 2018ish, claiming there were experiments going on in Tucson, AZ, (45 miles west of me), to block out the sun completely, (for global warming was the claim — see how THEY use that meme). The article said that if it was successful, it would be instituted world wide or at least country wide.


I want a vote.

Can you imagine?


No wonder things won’t grow here and why EVERYBODY is, (THEY claim), deficient in vitamin D.


In spite of it all, I keep trying. Two sweet potatoes that haven’t been eaten quickly enough, (yet), started trying to grow again. All the slips, even the tiniest of them, got carefully removed and put into a level of water enough to help them grow their roots.

It seemed to take them minutes to begin their work of making little white fibers to reach the water near them.


I can’t see enough to get a good image if I don’t happen to have my readers on. Sorry.

There’s another day in the life of a crazy, tin-foil-hat-wearing cat lady who has to have her readers near for closeups and can’t see leaves on trees outside the way she should but doesn’t know the difference.

It’s all pretty just the same.

I’ll leave you with these images of interior design projects by Beata Heuman, (and hope I don’t get a copyright infringement slap), who happens to capture my desired aesthetic almost to a T.


Beata Heuman designer


And here’s the Quintessence video from which I was privy to discover her. It was in my “recommended for you” YT feed.

Go figure.


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