That They Tell


Hearing the trash truck in the alley was the only thing that would make me jump out of bed this morning. Once he’s there, it is no time before he is around from the back and heading for mine in the front.

A bad habit of staying up too late has been happening again. It has something to do with length or movement of sunlight in a day.

All the rooms in the house have been being left open so that there is a free flow for movement now that the kitties are spending their biggest chunks of time out in the studio — so, before they can come in come morning, things have to be buttoned up again.

Plastic goes on the upholstered things and doors get closed to rooms that they can no longer go in. That is why they get bored so easily — they can’t go flying from window to window hunting the outdoor kitties.

So they meow around, eat some, talk a lot and sprawl. In there somewhere, one or both of them want some brushing — I end up the fuzz ball.

I got most of the living room floor painted and all of the hall. Now to clean the bathroom and paint that floor and then the bedroom.

No more work was done on the catio yesterday. There is still some adjusting to do to the sudden rise in temperature. That’s always how this desert does, BOOM, heat! Yesterday there were some spits of rain but not much cooling off occurred — a little reminder of the upcoming delightful monsoons it seems.


No teapots got dusted either but here they are for you to see for the sake of telling stories — dust or not.

A video I watched somewhere in the day yesterday was of a woman speaking about cleaning out chakras (or some such) — I was searching for more about her since she was interviewing personality, Crow.

Most of what she was saying sounded like gobbledygook to me at this time, but she did speak my language about home maintenance. She was talking about making her bed. She just closes the door to her bedroom since she will just be back in it later — “What’s the sense of making it?” was her attitude. I feel pretty much the same. It also doesn’t make sense to cover up any heat or leftover body parts from circulating air. I often take blankets out to get disinfected by the sun.

The point she was making was that there are far more important things to do than make a bed, like cleaning out body demons. “Who will ever know about your unmade bed?” she asked.

Is OCD a body demon?

The teapots will get dusted, eventually — because I like to look at them clean — especially when they’re telling me their stories.

They did get moved around a little because their placements didn’t seem quite right.


The previous post has an image of how they were before this OCD event.

That little gold cream and sugar set were something I found while spending a day with my mother in Palm Springs — sometime in the late 80s. I’ve always had less money than I could have, and I was admiring and lusting after them and said to my mother something like, “I sure would like to have them.” They were probably $20 or so, I forget, maybe $30 — that would have been more scary at that time. She said her usual thing, “If you think you are going to lose sleep over them, you’d better get them.”

I vet everything by those words now… or still, and always feel my mother by my side.

So many wonderful stories in all these bits and bobs. The purple saucer was my grandmother’s. I swear we inherit color preferences with our DNA. The cup is somewhere where it looks better. I think all the little demi cups and whatever saucers they are on were in love packages from my aunt. The sets in the back I bought.

The little black lunging kitty was a gift from a boyfriend I dragged on a treasure hunt years ago. He was like a bull in a china shop — big, but like a cat the way he meandered around with grace and care. I picked it up, probably because I had an all-black cat at the time. I put it back on the shelf and he picked it up behind me, “I think you need to have this.”

Seems we need our memories more than ever now. I know I do.

That little black kitty lunged off a shelf one time and broke its lunging leg. “Should I let it go?” went through my mind. You can see what happened. I still know the man though I have to remind him of the story.

I noticed the bus was running this morning so it looks like people are trying to pretend that things are going back to like they were before the world stopped. It’s often fun pretending but I don’t think we have that luxury now.

I’m not pretending, but I still need some groceries while I can still get them.

I guess I can at least put off starving for later.

Happy days.

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