The World Stopped

Buster’s pond cover has been being torn apart from raking winds over the last week or so.

That darned tarp was $25 I think. It is riddled now. All the grommets pulled away and the mesh started shredding. I really knew better, but I was rather desperate to get something up once spring started advancing.

Well, I took the second cattle panel over to try to work with it for the pond instead of another kitty thing.

I think I will order a truck load of cattle panels because I never find an end to needing one.

What had been done for Buster’s pond, this last go round, was that the tarp was lashed to both sides of the fence after being draped over the old canopy frame. That frame was rather useless too.

Is anything made worth a cent these days?

That big clump of water iris started as one single little piece. It grows like mad. I have long been trying to get a source for duckweed and there is an aquatic plant place not too far away that sometimes has it — but, once the world stopped, they weren’t open. I was going to get a rubber liner and redo the whole thing. Guess that will have to wait like everything else.

Did that sound sarcastic? Good.

So, the cattle panel got wrangled over to where it needs to be but it needs a fence post or two on the low footer side since the yard wedges at that end and the panel needs to be straight to bend into an arch. There really needs to be two arches, but we’ll start with one.

There is one fence post in the ground at the plum tree — used when it was first planted to keep it straight. All the ties corroded long ago so that post isn’t needed there. It will have to be dug out and I was simply fried by the time it came to doing that and came in to cook something to eat.

After wrangling the panel to the pond, I draped whatever blanket was lying around over it a little and went to work on the kitties venue.


Trying to figure out a way to make a door, the old rusted wire thing, that used to be my bed box spring, was brought over and, after flopping it all over clumsily, it suddenly dawned on me that it could be bent to make a small dome to extend their playground.


There just happened to be two pieces of corrugated metal to use to secure the holes in the wire and make it better for rainy days? There’s another piece kicking around that can be cut to fit. Those two were perfect.

It would be nice to get a litter box out there where they might like to make their stinks for the strays around???


That wall should have been addressed before any of this got started — I never seem to do things right.

That metal etagere was purchased in 1973 or so for $10. It was one of those lost leaders Levitz Furniture used to have to drag people in, (remember bean bags?) It used to be gold. Can you believe it is still kicking around?!?!?

I guess some things endure.


The kitties are shortening their stay inside every day it seems. I almost slammed MickeyMouser in the back door not realizing he was trying feverishly to get back to the studio. He wouldn’t settle down until I took him back out.

This is how I get to live when they are not inside…


No plastic on any of the upholstered things and the second chair brought back out from inside the mudroom. There isn’t plastic for it.

The drape on the green velvet swivel was supposed to be a rug, but it hasn’t been finished and was useful to cover that mess of a chair until — don’t hold your breath — I learn how to upholster.

I love that chair. It’s so comfortable. And it swivels.

The chaste tree is full of bees loving the purple blossoms.

And I need to get busy like the bees and figure out when these prickly pears need to be harvested. I guess they aren’t going to be the red kind? This is the very first year it has had pears and it only happened after the whole plant toppled and regrew from what was left.

All the other pieces were planted and are just babies everywhere you look.

The world may have stopped, but I haven’t. Have you?

Let’s start our own New World without any orderers.

Grow food. Make things. Love.

2 thoughts on “The World Stopped

  1. I have to admit that I am pretty content here on my little island. And yes, I am working harder than ever but now I am using my time to get organized and do projects that I have put off for SO long! I only wish I could hire Sary to do my house inside for me 😉 As my mom would say “she CAN make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

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