Last Little Puddle

Little Ms. Lucille is hanging with me this morning. MickeyMouser jumped up on his perch in the studio when I went in as if to say, “Don’t even think about me coming in today, I’m staying here.”


The perch Lucy is on used to be one of those beautiful wicker etageres. The frame was perfect for lashing some rough wood pieces to for shelves for her to scratch and lie on. It had been in the bedroom at the window for them to look out searching for the outdoor kitties. It will likely end up in their catio.


Worried about the sun getting to Buster’s pond and some more inspecting of it, it was clear that it seriously needed a cleaning out. Bucket by bucket the existing water was fished out and applied to plants around. There was a moment of fear thinking Buster had been fished out too and thrown somewhere because even to the last little puddle of water, she kept hiding. There she finally was.

She was put in the bucket with some fresh water while the pond was better cleaned out and put back in once the refilling was well underway. She kept peeking up to see if I was looking at her. She’s so cute — red-eared pond slider. She was slowly making her way across a street one day where I was walking and came home to live with us.

It definitely has a leak because it was filled to overflowing yesterday.

After these images were taken, more boards were placed to keep direct sun off as much as possible with lots of places for her to eek out to bask. The recommendation is to keep a pond covered at least 75% with plants or covers to help keep algae at bay. Duckweed would be a great resolve because it would cover the pond in no time and turtles can live on duckweed. Now to work on a better cover. Oh me, oh my oh.

It seems that every single little sprout from the sweet potato has gotten roots and many already have started leafing out.


More oh me, oh my oh! Where to plant them once they’re ready??


A little time out for reminiscing when an old suitcase of my mother’s came in to be sorted. It had some memorabilia in it. This string of critters were prototypes for more that were made to sell. It was a first attempt at an entrepreneurial endeavor since I was well on my way to being sick of working retail for someone who wasn’t very nice.

It was supposed to be my turn to be the featured designer in this article but the owner didn’t like the client I had chosen to be talked about — the client’s style was garish even though she spent tons of money in the store.

I’m the one in houndstooth. It all got so very tiring.

DSCN1171 - Edited

The walnut critter on the far left, in the palm of my hand, was one sent by my cousin one year for Christmas. I thought the idea was so clever, I set about getting walnuts for the cotton-ball-pillow tummy to be stuffed into and filbert nuts for their faces and all kinds of bits and bobs to dress them up all kinds of ways. I calculated every square or straight inch of everything to come up with a per each cost and I think it was 50 cents per critter. I tried to sell them for $3 each and many sold. I would open an egg carton with a dozen of them in it, (before they got so elaborate they were just little baskets and the walnuts sat where the eggs would have.) Whoever was around would come over and ooh and awe and try to pick the face they wanted.

It wasn’t long before I would realize that it was just too much work for what was gotten and that I am NOT a real salesperson. I’m an idea person. Selling is NOT my thing.

I made $100 once and turned right around to give it to an emergency clinic when the knife I was using to clean the walnut shells slipped and stabbed the middle of my hand. I needed stitches.

It wasn’t much longer before I became aware that money doesn’t motivate me, freedom does — freedom to sit and make “mice” to my hearts content, even if they can’t be sold, just because I want to and it’s fun. The only solution to that dilemma was to need less. So here I am with no Ferrari parked in a storage unit to go out riding in when I get bored and want to show off.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Back to the work of making life the way I like it.

Tin-foil hat lady signing off. Hope you have a great day.



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