A Little Better

Late into the moonlight last night, I sat, fairly blindly lashing the last piece of wire fencing over the opening that will be the only way to enter the catio once the other piece of wrought iron is covered with wire fencing to make a swinging element.

There had just been too much thinking and thinking and thinking to the point that it became clear, hard work was just being put off.

It’s a mess of a thing that a coat of spray paint would likely make look a little better. Knowing me, it will be tried.

The most important thing is that the kitties have a way to get outside of one room and into some fresh air where they can see the things outside a little better.


It was too dark to take pictures last night. Suffice to say, I’m so glad I put the layer of wire fencing over the whole thing. There was a debate inside my head of whether the higher parts really needed it because — what smart little kitty would take the risk of injuring her little paws to climb wire?

Lucy would. She got all the way to the top before she came back down to look for other ways. Some gratitude. “I want all the way out mommy!”


Hopefully today the other gate will get wired and the piece securing the opening can be replaced with it.

Meanwhile, they seem to be pleased. It wouldn’t surprise me to one day find a little gray and white kitty with her head stuck out of a wire rectangle.


My good neighbor gave me a broken window from a remodel he was doing on his home. It was brand new but he had managed to break one of the panels of the dual panes. The screen you see there is from it and it came off as soon as Lucy started her climbing adventures. Not being able to get inside right now, all that could be done was to wrestle it a little. That area is secure without the window there. It is just so close to the patio, the thought was to make it a little safer from cats outside and inside the catio sitting there hissing and spitting at each other.

Lucy is looking at the little slinky black kitty at that corner. That kitty seems to like to lounge somewhere near the indoor kitties.


What a mess it all is. It’s just pleasing to see them happy.

I should be ashamed to expose it. DSCN1199

The second glass for the casement window went to secure the entrance to the extension until something can be done to close the outside opening.

I couldn’t stand them not being able to get out for one more minute so just did whatever could be done to secure it all just enough for now. And, of course, working with whatever is around.


After I posted these images and sat staring at this screen long enough, it dawned on me that there was a migraine coming on. Too much time was spent outside in heat and sun doing heavy lifting without enough hydration. So from here on is another day. Yesterday was wasted with a cold rag on top of a head lying in darkness with no sound or vision things and no more work on the catio.

Wasted days are awful.

What won’t be done for some sweet little kitties.

Check this video out for what looks to me to be the best catio ever:

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