Turns Into Something

Up earlier than usual and it is always good to be. The kitties came inside for a spell to be loved up, brushed and admired. It wasn’t long before they wanted back out to their studio. They have really staked that claim.

After taking them back out, time was spent sitting next to the kitty cage to admire cardinals, a turtle and some pretty green things with flowers and fruit — pomegranates, plums and strawberries. The hose was left way too long in the wheelbarrow yesterday while someone was distracted bending wire to hold fencing on a wrought iron gate and it got flooded. It proceeded to drain right out but it seems to have given the berries a dose of saturation that they appear to be happy about. A plum is eaten here and there. It seems birds are staying away due to strays??

Through the years, mama chaste tree has produced many little babies. In the south forty triangle lot, (where the catio is), three were planted in tires filled with really good composted soil. One of the three is a whiter shade of purple, more pink. I suspect the birds or wind brought a seed from somewhere else. The bees are happy they are all getting flowers. There are many babies in need of places to be. I’m in a crowding phase since nothing food seems to want to grow. The thought is to get as much oxygen producers growing that will shade things and maybe things will like to grow in containers under them.

My Little Homestead is in an Arizona desert too and they rave about wicking beds and aquaponics. I just can’t see that because it is so product oriented and requires too many appliances. Not that I’m against people having success with it all. I want to find the ways to grow that the indigenous Indians here have always done.

After sitting with the kitties, a routine round-about inspection was done. There are so many messes everywhere but everything has an intention to be something — as time permits.

Here’s mama chaste tree in the front. She’s full of flowers too — and bees.


Under her is where the lettuce grew from old seeds broadcast just to see what would sprout where. It’s all been let go to bolt so seeds can be collected to try it all again.


Sometime back it was mentioned about the “stealing” of some palo verde trees from the schoolyard where they had sprouted under their mommies. About twelve were dug out and brought to try to nurse to grow up and be planted. Several have been put in the ground and are growing. This one waited far too long to put on leaves — it caused some worry. Delighted to see the leaves.

The rose bush is happier since it was figured out she needed much deeper watering. This sand just doesn’t hold it.


Petuny got a haircut. She’s been around for numerous cycles and I just can’t get over her resilience. See all the baby chaste trees around her — and there are several more farther out.


Sometimes things get worse before they get better. There are many little trees that were planted early fall. Most of them are doing rather well. It certainly doesn’t seem worth it to purchase anything from Walmart. Petuny is the only thing that has amounted to anything. All the little trees were either volunteers, started from seeds, or propagated right from here. I guess the mama chaste tree can be included in Walmart successes.


Yes…I took the risk of trying spray paint on the catio. The thought was that it couldn’t look much worse. The most important thing is that the kitties seem to love it — Lucy especially. Mickey is still a little skittish. She went right out the minute she got back into the studio and marched all over everything that’s in there.

It looks like a methhead lives here.

Oh, to have all the money in the world. I’m just grateful I had enough to get a cattle panel to bend into an arch. The rest was years and years of messes all around. See, it finally turns into something.

Meanwhile, back in the house, the second bedroom is getting back up to snuff to use for sewing. As much as possible is coming in from the studio and put into plastic tubs. The next phase is to reorganize the covered patio by taking the things there over to the covered carport that has been recently worked on to be the place for technical things like tools and paint and — you know — that kind of stuff.

More from the studio will be put into tubs and the covered patio will be its new home. The goal being to keep things safe from kitties and for the studio to someday be turned in to something better — like a greenhouse.

Always have a dream.

Some T-shirt yarn in one of the tubs now in the sewing room was turned into a plant hanger to hold the beautiful succulent my succulent expert friend sent me just a little while back as a total little sunshine surprise. Thank you Loey. The link above will take you right to her wonderful Etsy store.

What shall be worked on today? There is always something good to be done.

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