Sun And Water

Even though it is hotter in the mudroom than the living or bedroom, here I sit. It’s just so cozy and there is a sofa to lie upon or sit more comfortably. All the troublesome upholstery has been eliminated from any room where Lucy goes — she just cannot be trusted — the little she-bug.

No genetic modification shall be employed to eliminate the likes of her kind of cat just because she seems to be a nuisance — sometimes — most of the time, she’s quite a joy.

What gives humans rights to decide who lives and dies? Every.single.thing has purpose.

After a moment or two of adjustment, acclimation occurs and the difference in temps between the mudroom and living room is only noticed if another cup of coffee is required to be fetched.

“I should go work in the bedroom,” self says to me while walking through the relative coolness of the living room.

“I know, I know, but I spend enough time in there already, sleeping and dreaming.”

It was an awful dream last night, or this morning — whenever dreaming occurs. I woke myself up trying to scream and was, in fact, screaming — though somewhat hoarsely. I hope the neighbors didn’t hear.

In the dream, I was trying to bite the hand that was causing me harm. Their hand became rubber and my teeth useless. There was more than one of them. One I recognized from childhood. She thought it was all so funny — me restrained, being tickled and prodded with no ability to help myself.

It was horrible.

In the dream, I tried to scream and nothing would come out. I was absolutely helpless. It seemed that the harder I tried, the worse the lack of ability seemed to get.

I was so very relieved to finally wake up. It took me some time to get the gist that it was just a dream.

The awful dream had to come from the fear of losing my current standard of living. I like being able to hang my towels from the cattle panel arches when they need to dry or disinfect — that is why I have a fence with privacy slats.

I lock all the gates and it has proved to be a happy stance when the co-op came lately to install a new smart meter. If I hadn’t had to greet the man at the gate to let him in, he would likely have gone ahead and done it. Needless to say, I did not unlock the gate. He had apparently heard the words I said enough times by then that he wasn’t a bit shocked and turned to walk away — with a smile mind you. He was very kind. He did not try to sway me.

“No! I won’t have one of those, thank you. I shall do without electricity if I must.”

The trouble is, the City won’t allow anyone to reside without electricity but the co-op has a monopoly. I have no choices.

The real fear in the dream is clear. It is the fear of an unsolicited jab. A thing I don’t agree on. That is where I stick my picket pin.

When June 20 comes along, and the power of the sun starts its decline, I shall proclaim my belief in nature as the only real power over me. I shall say it to the ether but it shall have the same amount of power just as if I’d said it to GOD. It may be just as powerful simply to think it.

When December 21 comes along and the sun starts its rise back to full electric sway, I shall proclaim it once again, “Nature is the only one who rules over me.”

Sun and water is everything.

DSCN1260 - Edited (1)

We’re about to enter Monsoon Season. Until then, if anything is to be kept alive, water has to come from the City through hoses or buckets from previous rain water harvesting.

The poor little strawberry plant that had been in the toilet tank was discovered lacking lately and put into a container to bring over to its friends to be more carefully looked after.

Shame on me.

These two need careful looking after too. Water, water every day. Do not look away.


These three just needed a little shade, away from the blazing of direct sun. They are amazing in that they took it for so long and bounced back so naturally and beautifully — I must say. The top two you can see, came over before the other. It might need to boot out the soldier and take that spot to get even a little less dappled light.


This mint was a birthday present a year ago. It’s been a struggle from the start but isn’t it just lovely? Wait another hour — it might wilt for you.  The cage is intended to boost its shade even though its feet are in the ground that gets the first shade of the day — the north side of the house along the sidewalk. Water, water every day. Do not look away. Twice a day won’t hurt it. It’s putting on some flowers.

A lot of greening has gone on since the day I landed here. Not nearly enough. It’s very hard to get things that are green to remain. Anything that can shall be let to. That’s my motto now.

“If you can take it here, you can stay.” Who am I to say that they should leave? Slowly but surely I am learning — nature knows a lot more than I do.

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