To Emerald City

Buster’s pond is a constant struggle — the bigger one especially. This littler one has been out of commission for a while now.

This hole was one of the first attempts to make a pond, sized big enough to make a little girl water turtle happy. It was originally dug out to fit a kiddie pool. As things evolved — blah, blah, blah. Oh darn, I can scarcely remember all the various gyrations that have been struggled through trying to get this pond thing right — books, blogs, videos, and an established aquatic plant and pond business in a nearby town — and who wants to hear that all again anyway? It’s all archived here in past posts.


The big pond just seems to be too awkward to care for properly. It is not aligned in the yard right to be able to easily configure a decent cover for it. I thought I had things figured out fairly well when I put the tarp over the old canopy frame. Arizona wind is not to be taken lightly. That all had to come down before it all went flying off to Emerald City. Most recently, a cattle panel was tried to be made useful but that has failed to be fully successful as well.

Seems like I really just need to learn how to build and put some money into this thing.

Meanwhile, today found me braving the cooler part of the late afternoon trying to reconfigure things.

The hose was used to fill up the smaller hole so that it could be dug out deeper, wider and longer. The only thing that seems to make sense at this stage is to try to make something out of it and move Buster to it so that the other one can either be made right or filled up with debris, dirt and made into a growing bed.


Sometime back a bunch of weeds were pulled out from the parkway strip and tossed over the fence to use for compost. I know, I know…weed seeds! I love weed seeds. They are the only thing that grows around here and the resource necessary for building up good soil is compost, compost, compost…which means organic things that decompose.

So, gradually they have been being piled up on the downward sloping side of the littler hole so that that end could be made into a hugel mound so the pond won’t over flow when full — the all-along intention being to use whatever dirt was dug out to make the pond bigger to cover all the weeds to make the mound. Am I right?

We’ll find out.


I’ve been tripping over this half-buried log as this spot just seems to be the most useful path to take to get from here to there. The #5Hugelkultur mound is what it is a part of.

I decided to dig it out.


While the kitties watched from afar.

Ain’t that some humdinger of a catio? The kitties aren’t complaining. My mind is whirling with new ideas to make it right…er.

So digging wasn’t hard and the log came out with a good shovel or three and a little leverage and a little grunting and a little lifting with my bare hands…


Can you see her? Mrs. Docile Tarantula?


Can you see her now? She was as big as my hand and I have a good-sized hand. I was flipping that log around, heavy as it was, like no tomorrow — trying to get it out of the dirt and moved away so I could dig the other one below it out.

She gave me a little bit of a fright but she was as kind as a big little tarantula with a fury butt can be. I maneuvered around her gingerly. I wrapped the hose around the log and tried to drag it. She moved about trying to make sure she kept herself safe but clung on.

Eventually I figured out a way to get the log moved close to the fence footer and just before the pomegranate tree, piled up on other little logs thinking it could make a habitat that she might make a new home and then scooped her back up in a pitcher and put her on it.


By the time I got the logs and her moved, I had to use the flash. I hope I didn’t hurt her trying to scoop her.

The picture below is before I got the log moved.

The pond was a little too wet to move the dirt to the mound so that job was put off for tomorrow.


The toilet is headed to the other end where the yard comes to a point and will make a nice step up to water things over the fence. I just took the strawberries that were in the tank out the other day and put them in a pot.


I tried to find a way to take a shot of this little Dorsett Apple tree, with all its many apples, where junk wasn’t showing in ever corner…

I had a sheet tied over some arched pipe before I started all this pond stuff. Even though both Anna and Dorsett are supposed to be okay in this desert, they really aren’t that happy. Especially not in the middle of blazing sun all day long.

Some days I want to order a street-side dumpster and clear everything out to have hauled to the landfill and then I remember what I really want to do if I live long enough and the compoost doesn’t hit the fan before we know it…

Inch by inch — junk = dollars that don’t have to be spent — sometimes. Other times it really is just junk. I keep trying to know the difference.

I hope Mrs. Fury Butt doesn’t scare me again tomorrow.



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