It’s Just Heat

Phew! Just came in from moving the hose. It was left on the mama chaste tree to give her a good soak — slowly.

I try to walk around barefoot as much as possible in the interest of staying grounded. Ouch! That sand gets HOT! Sometimes, if the hose is in hand, the ground under foot is sprayed long enough to cut the heat and as the hose and I move on, the ground beneath the feet gets hosed again. The hose was on dribble mode and under the tree. I just had to be quick. Sometimes one can’t be quick enough. Ouch!

Mama chaste tree is looking great this year and I’m hoping it is due to putting the lump of sticks and debris there to decompose around her and also aid with minimizing any evaporation that might just be some part of the betterment key. Last year she looked very glum and there was lots of worry she might be in distress. The one at the end of the property on the outside of the fence, (in the parkway), was gorgeous for many years and suddenly started biting the dust. It was very hard to water and it did get a little neglected. So, mama chaste got lots of attention after that. It seems to have paid off some. Last year she produced very, very few flowers. This year she is abundantly producing. The bees are very happy. Butterflies and other flying things as well.

Mama chaste tree has a new baby.


I may have to start a chaste tree nursery if she keeps this up. There must be ten being nursed, waiting to find a space to be transplanted to.

Thank GOD for the scraggly tree and all her shade. Several Tree of Heavens have sprouted at the base of Mrs. Scraggly. She says, “Let them grow. I need the company and I’m getting old. There is no telling how much longer I can try to shade things. They can take my place in the event the sun and I part company.”

This house was built in 1945. I suspect she was a baby somewhere near that time. She might be older than I am.

I LOVE Mrs. Scraggly. I hug her with my vibes. I think she has a baby too, somewhere in among the other things that volunteer all around and not far from her. I’m keeping a close eye.

Petuny has a baby too. Her babe is growing close to where she used to be. She got moved a little farther back.


The strawberry plant transplanted from the toilet tank looks like it is coming back to better life. Fingers crossed.


I’ve been trying to learn how to sun gaze. It wasn’t low enough in this image. This was yesterday. I missed it when it was low enough, (just before ‘setting’ — “dusk or dawn” it is recommended but don’t do it without finding out about the risks and how to properly do it), because I left to shop and it got behind a hill before I got the car stopped.

So, after hopping around on bare feet and being out long enough today to get hot, coming through the porch door into the house, it feels like a refrigerator and that is with no air conditioning on. It’s funny how we acclimate. After being in awhile, it feels hot again and two little fans directed at me seem to work until the house sits in the sun all day long. I turn the heat-pump on “cool” late to cut the heat some for a little bit. It really makes a difference.

The living room and the main bedroom are the coolest rooms throughout the day. I’ve had the bedroom shut off so that Lucy could come in when she wants to during the day. She goes back out to the studio for the night. Sometimes Mickey comes in too but not very often. He’s perfectly happy sleeping ALL.DAY.LONG. on his perch out there most days. If he comes in, he gets bored much sooner than Lucy does.

But, neither Lucy nor I have been happy having to be only in the living room for lounging. So, I found a way to make the bedroom Lucy-safe. Now we can be happy in that room too.

I cover the bed with a sheet of plastic after getting up and have put a plastic basket on a plastic tub near the window. Their rack used to be there for a lookout and has always had an old sheet hanging around it to collect their dirt and fur from any better thing hanging on top of it. Their rack is in the living room currently. Lucy went right for the basket and is so content all day long staying in it. She comes out from time to time and begs for rubs or food and then goes back.

People who don’t live here in this desert often ask me how I stand it. I always say, “It’s just heat.”

Right now the wind kicked up and is blowing the sheet at the window and the chimes outside. If the AC was on, I couldn’t hear the birds or the chimes or feel the pleasant breeze, (and it would cost a LOT of money.)

How a cat with fur sitting in a window stands it, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask little Ms. Lucille. She doesn’t seem to mind. I guess she likes to hear the birds too.




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