Where It Is

Finally disciplined myself to get the kitchen floor painting finished. Everything had to be swept and mopped and all the riffraff things moved out to start the finishing process. The cabinet there still needs to be finished and the cupboards above it. The cupboard doors have so many layers on them now, it is tempting to yank the doors off and try to either scrap them down or make something new. They don’t close right. That will have to wait — but it did stop me in my tracks to contemplate that thought leaving them unfinished. They’re too messy to bother showing.


The kitchen floor was started with a color that blended well enough with the living room but it’s much better now all matching. It makes spaces seem grander to have the floors all the same. The painting started with where it had been left off with the other color thinking some kind of sponging could be done to transition from living room, hall to kitchen. It was just better and easier to paint it all the same. The big dresser being used as a counter/island with the corner cabinet backing where it projects wasn’t painted under — yet. It may be good enough? There are no plans to move things. Everything else was pulled out and painted under.


Before painting it all the same color. There are three colors showing here.

There are never ending jobs to do — but that is how I like it. Always something fun to do. The garden table there has paper under its feet because the felt pads were sticking to the slowly curing paint. The paper might stick too, but should be easier to wet off. Felt leaves fibers.

Yes, living “wired-in” leaves cords everywhere. The phone motem is wireless but I have old-fashioned slimline phones wired into it. We don’t have any real choice here. Verison is our go-to for phone service and they don’t use copper. The cable that brings the Century Link internet service in from the outside goes through the kitchen and the wireless motem for it is in the farthest away bedroom. Verison didn’t have internet here. Someday I may bother to fix it all better — but for now it’s strung however it was easiest to do. Wire coffee tabs were stapled to the ceiling to traipse it to the bedroom. I know.

Yes, I’m stocking up on beans. You know why. The bag there is holding bottle tops that have a hope of turning into a room divider screen type thing — always something fun to do — that’s my motto don’t ya know? The curtain hiding the laundry room needs to come down and some translucent paint or paper applied.


These are the hotter days to get through but monsoon season is quite nearby so it will cool off lots by then.


A sweet potato vine was tried to be grown in this hanging basket. It couldn’t stay wet enough so was turned into a ceramic birds nest.


The romaine lettuce was left to bolt and has. Some are growing through the expanded metal.

Saving seeds is where it is. I can’t bring myself to hyphenate and add the at. That’s one of those grammatical things that drives me nuts because, even though it would be an idiom in this context, it allows for exploitation to such things as “Where are you at?” I know it’s acceptable and common, but so are masks. You get my drift? Slippery slopes.

Seed saving is where it is. It’s the bomb. It’s over there with building hugelkultur beds and growing trees are.


The table and wire baskets have made it cool enough here for the lettuce to go the distance.


I left the hose trickling pretty fast on the lilac bush all night long lately by mistake. It seems to have loved it. My pocket book might not.

Cutter bees help themselves to the leaves every year. It never seems to matter — except to make it look a mess.


And that’s okay with me.



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