Rock ‘N Roll

The day before yesterday, I was out watering a few things with the nozzle set to jet so that I could stand in the shade and reach things that were farther away. That meant some over-spray — so to speak.

I don’t care anymore about conserving water. I’m so sick of lies I can’t imagine that we are in any more trouble with that then we are of a foreign invasion, (an invasion from within is what is happening). Everything here needs some water, so I let it spray — even if it evaporates, it still has a value to cooling things off some and the air might need a drink or two.

I know, I know. We’re probably in some trouble with water. But like everything else, it’s probably engineered so that Wall Street can gamble on the outcome. The way THEY want to grow food is the culprit. If THEY‘d listen to organic farmers they would know a better way of not wasting water. If THEY‘d let us do a lot of things differently, it’s hard to imagine how good things could be.

But who are they to tell us what to do anyway? THEY‘re not supposed to be the boss of anyone — I certainly don’t agree with anything THEY say.

Like tiny houses for instance — loosen the code on those and composting toilets. Imagine how much water could be saved by not flushing all the good stuff down the sewer pipes.

jenna's house

Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey — click pic to read all about it.

It takes 872 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of wine…

So, before you complain to me, be sure you don’t drink wine.

Coffee is even worse than wine and I drink coffee — Yes, I’m a bother.

I make all my clothes from existing ones or shop for used only — so I do my part — lots of other ways too.


While I was spraying the air, suddenly I was aware of a dove, sitting inside the chaste tree, taking full advantage of the mist spreading out from the hose.

The chaste tree was in queue for a good soaking — so I stood there with the sprinkle feature directed to fall like rain from above on the dove. I stood, and stood, and stood. The dove blinked and blinked and blinked and looked just like there was a heaven on Earth — blink, blink, blink like one would while they were taking a nice long shower just to keep the water out of eyes.

Eyes seem to do that on their own unless you’re swimming under water and need to see.


I think I could have stood there all day and the dove would have too.

I think it might be the same dove that greeted me yesterday when I went out near the tree to inspect things again.

“Hello, little lovey dovey,” I admired. “Have you come back to see if I might sprinkle you again?” The little lovey dovey headed to the birdbath instead.

And now today we have some rain.


And it’s beautifully, beautifully cool.


The kitties and I are inside playing house.


There’s the plastic-forcing nemesis acting like an innocent, “Not me! It was Mickey who was doing all the peeing,” says the little Lucy queen.

She’s a lying little kitty cuz I’ve caught her. I’ll have to admit, I’ve caught Mickey too — but he only does if she already did — you know, that male dominance thing.

So this is how we have to rock n’ roll when the kitties are in the house. Everything they peed on has left. What’s left has to be protected.

Bad little good kitties — but they’re worth it.

“What became clear to me is that food is the way to invest in water,” Burry told New York magazine in 2015. “That is, grow food in water-rich areas and transport it for sale in water-poor areas. This is the method for redistributing water that is least contentious, and ultimately it can be profitable, which will ensure that this redistribution is sustainable.”

Oh, the madness of it all. Anyone trying to profit from anything everyone depends on should be in jail upping those profits.


Let’s Just Say

OMG! That was a lot of digging. This is pretty much where things were left off last night after an enormous amount of digging. I had to go out again today and do it all again because it still wasn’t low enough or level.


I must have put the tub in at least four times and dragged it back out to dig some more here or there. It’s not an easy thing to do. By the time it sat what looked like level and was down deep enough to be where I imagined it should be, I did not care if the outlet was where it was supposed to be — I would dig that out better another day.

Two feet down is a lot deeper than it seems. That’s a lot of dirt to excavate. I fantasized about a tractor with a backhoe as I dug and dug and dug and dug some more.

It’s good exercise to say the least.

I put a tarp over it while I tried to shovel dirt to fill in the gaps around it to make it more stable. Then the water filling began. I so wanted to jump in and sit for awhile.

There are still some issues to iron out. I didn’t fill it up around the edges all the way with dirt yet. Not sure how it will be finished off around the outside. For today, mainly I just wanted to get the mounds around it secured enough to not blow in.


Buster was eyeballing me as I did my best to fashion things so that she can’t get stuck or hurt if she tries to get in — which she is likely to do. I hope she does. I’m hoping the plastic lattice will serve to let her in and help her out. It floats some on the water until a little weight pushes it down. Once she gets in, she can likely crawl out on it if she wants to.

The high mound was covered with fabric until I can get it dug away. Tires were used to hold it down. The boards that were atop her existing pond were brought over to clean and consider for placement on one end until I can refashion the cattle panel to make a shade cover. Buster loves to have cover to hide under too. Things around the edges were just to make it a little safer until I fill the edges up to where they really need to be.

Let’s just say that I was fully exhausted by this point and had to quit.


Now to clean this mess up and decide what to do with the hole.


Meanwhile, the kitties were relaxing in the house.

After I took that shot of MickeyMouser, I went with a rag to clean his marks off the doorway. You know how kitties rub ever corner with their bodies.

Stay tuned for a hopeful big finale! And, by the way, it was really amazingly level considering how tired I was when I gave up. It just ran out of one edge slightly ahead of the others. I’m satisfied with that. Pretty dang good if you’re asking me.

The Secret Life

The worse before it gets better stage.


Yes, my friend came with her truck and the giant tub was brought home yesterday. It wasn’t horribly heavy but it was awkward and not a thing that could be lifted to carry by one person.

The idea of leveraging it over the fence was scrapped — mostly because there are some fairly baby prickly pears that might have suffered some along the fence there that I hadn’t really considered, (it’s hard to see them from the inside of the fence).


I tried to move it with a flat furniture dolly, but neither the tub nor the dolly would behave — so it got rolled on its side. It turns out it’s more of an oval. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t all that easy but it got there.


It sure would make a nice soaking pool, but Buster’s first in the queue.


I’ve been going out in sessions — dig, dig, dig, water, dig, water, dig — get a little exhausted and take a water-drinking, bed-and-movie break and then go out to dig, dig, dig again — several times today so far.

The Secret Life of Pets was in the $5 bin the other day. I’ve watched it twice already. It’s so cute. Now to find the sequel.


Dig, dig, water, dig…


I wrote about digging this morning on the Writing Spool blog — but, that was about digging for The Truth.

Truth be told, a lot of insight can be gotten while digging dirt — it’s a little bit like meditating — except for the part where the back breaks.


David the Good says Compost Everything. Piled on that heap there are even some cotton blankets and sheets that had been being used for shade but got a little riddled. Why not? It keeps them out of landfills. They will probably help keep the heap stabilized a little better??

I’m thinking that a trench running through the plantings like a river might be nice to use for letting out the water when Buster’s pond needs refreshing?? The yard slopes down from the far end to the other end. I’m not sure, (which means some practicing will ensue), if a perforated pipe might have to be buried to the level of the drainage hole from the tub? Any way it ends up, the dirty water can be used to water things along its movement flowing out.


Water, dig, water, dig, dig, dig. The goal is to dig it deep enough to have the tub just above the dirt enough that dirt can’t get in. Then the thinking so far is some kind of bricks or pavers all around it so that Buster can easily get out to bask. There will also be levels inside made with something?? so Buster has deep and shallow spots for her choosing.


This is where I left off. I can’t wait to get it done because Buster’s water is awful right now. I’m a little worried that it’s toxic to her. I scoop out as much algae as I can every day. It seems to be right back where I started the next morning. Those water irises don’t seem to be working very well. I sure would like to find some duckweed.


I did a little hand washing clothes before I started digging. I’m trying so hard to wash right away whatever I exchange for something clean and not let things pile up.


It was a good day Saturday all in all. We’ll see if I can straighten up tomorrow when I wake up.

Here’s a video I found when looking for whether there was a the at the front of the pets movie title. This appears to be something original by the content provider but looks very, very professional for the little bit I viewed so far. Now it’s time to watch the rest of it.

Secret Life of Pets 2 (not the commercial one)


Any Nasty Hatchet

Either more tolerance has evolved or it hasn’t been quite as hot this last week or so — maybe I’ve just been being brave.

There was one day, just the way monsoons do, where it seemed like a giant bucket of water was tipped over in the sky — out of the blue, with no warning. One minute no clouds, the next minute the bucket and rip roaring wind. Since then, it seems a little cooler.

At any rate, it’s been easier to be outside so I’ve been getting SO MUCH done — so sick of all the messes. You know, those, “I could use this later to … — I could make this or that out of this or that… — These spray paint lids could …???”

Junk. Accumulating junk that I so didn’t ever want to send off to the landfill. Now they are going to the landfill. I want not to put that kind of burden on any other one.

I thought at one point —  a couple of years or so ago, maybe more — that I was going to do a mosaic tile pattern on all the inside floors. Well, someone donated tons of tiles to the project and two days were devoted to driving to another town to collect them, more days to offload them all and corral them somewhere until the project could be gotten to, and several more days or weeks of trying to figure out how to do it only to get utterly discouraged of the huge project it became with a house filled up with stuff, (that kind of thing should only ever be undertaken in an empty house), as well as back-breaking labor and, in the end, it was just too, too, too busy for my taste.

Live and learn.

It was one of those long-time dreams that had to be explored.

Age has made me wiser and some dreams are also going to the dump.

Some of those tiles were used to create paths thinking they might keep the soil moister and help the soil livestock. NOTHING, not a single solitary thing keeps anything in this desert moist unless it is a steady stream of water. Shade helps the most — hence the goal to plant, plant, plant as many trees as this little piece of land can hold.

I got a little nervous lately because my #GoodNeighbor and his lady were out scoping the trees on his side of the fence — I feared he might lop the ones down that are there that I love so much. Turns out he might just have been trying to decide where to put his new little Chicago Hardy fig tree.


Isn’t it cute

He called me to the fence yesterday to tell me all about it. How good it is doing and that when it’s all grown up and hanging over my side, he wants me to help myself to figs. I love that kind of confidence and figs. Yum. Free figs!!

The back story of our acquaintance involves me and a saw sneaking out to cut branches off of his overhanging trees so that I could install the fence for my doggies. I was well within my rights and did it exactly that way because I knew his then wife and I knew that if I asked for permission, she would come out and direct the whole event, not to my liking. As it was, she called the police. Some less-than-civil words were spoken and some body posturing was done — but in the end, the police said I was fully within my rights. Later on the two of them went their separate ways, he put in renters and later came back to start a remodel to move in there himself. Needless to say, we buried, (ignored), any nasty hatchet and have been more than civil neighbors ever since.

Every day I try to go out and get some things done. It’s amazing how things get done when you do that.

I tried to paint that rug once and most of it went through the back. I may try again with some of the old junkie paint instead of letting it all dry up and sending it to the landfill too. Maybe if a whole bunch of it was puddled????

I like having the rug there.

Most of the worst of the junk seems to be in Buster’s yard. I’ve really let that side go to pieces — but not for long…

I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect solution for Buster’s new habitat. I knew in my gut that it would eventually swirl around in the ether and finally land on me.

I was at Tractor Supply getting mosquito dunks and spied some stock tanks out in their fenced in yard. I was imagining a big round galvanized one that many people use to make themselves a pool so went over to see how much they cost. They didn’t have any. Suddenly the light bulb moment hit me like a 300 gallon Rubbermaid tiered and plumbed giant tub.

rubbermaid turtle tank

I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself. A friend is coming with her truck to help me get one home tomorrow.

My truck has a cover on it and it doesn’t really run and isn’t insured except to sit.

This is what occurs when you can’t easily go where you think you want to and some places just aren’t open. You have to use your noodles. It’s the best solution I can now imagine. I think it can still be below ground but be dug out where the outlet is so that the water can be drained to another hole that will be like a grey water pond with plants and rocks and sand and such — we’ll both have to wait for the details — they are conjuring in my noodles but I’m sure as sure can be for as sure as I can be.

Of course I came home and started researching to see if they are safe for little turtle girls (and boys.) Buster’s a girl as well as I can tell.

Check this out:


And I think the hole I started is going to be a great start to fitting it in and the tub can be leveraged over the fence right there with 2x4s. It’s fairly, pretty light.


Waiting has its just rewards. It’s all finally falling into place.

So all that stuff under the cover is debris that can be made into a hugelkultur bed above the ground as a berm or another hole dug into the ground for it to be used for the runoff. More research and practice seems to be oncoming.

Draining has always been the hurdle. There isn’t electricity to use a pump and the water gets full of algae so quickly that there needs to be a way to refresh it and use the runoff well.

I think we’ve found the answer.

I’m so excited I can’t stand myself. I’ll say it twice.

Check back in a little while if you want to see where this goes. Even if it fails for Buster’s pond, (which I don’t expect it will), it will make a very lovely pool for me and the kitties. I don’t think they’ll bother getting in.

Just as a little side, I’ve been bringing home more plastic tubs to sort out all the sewing stuff. I’m almost as excited about finally getting that all done as I am about Buster’s pond.


I guess I’d better hurry back to Walmart for more beans and bins because I WILL NOT WEAR A MASK, (starting Monday). I WILL NOT be complicit in this, (somewhat non-violent though violent just the same), coup d’état being perpetrated on us. I hope you won’t as well.

I guess it’s beans and rice for me. You have to stick your picket pin in somewhere. I refuse to be a robot. There are worse things than death.







Better Than Sleep


It’s hot.
Deserts often are.


Monsoon season is near. Hurry, hurry monsoons. We’re not anxious for winter, or darkness early, but we’d sure like some cool — and water.

Buster’s pond is full of algae. We need the cool to dig the new one and some water will make the ground a little easier to dig.

I watered the very thirsty, thirsty things in Buster’s yard today and over the fence in the parkway. Everything was shriveling and suggesting an expiration date — some things were barely saved in time. The prickly pears were fine, and the mesquite and some weeds — but even the weeds came off a little desperate. It may be that only mesquite and prickly pears can survive on their own without much help but even they say thanks to a little bit of water here and there.

You mustn’t turn your back on anything.

The kitties are sleeping all day long. It seems they’re too hot to think of doing anything better or do they always sleep?

As for me, I wish I had a pool.

Long Term Hope

The big black cat I called Woolly disappeared. He and Mr. Shire, (below) had a huge fight many months back and it seemed that Woolly won. Woolly was the only one around for quite awhile — but he had a large, horribly inflamed patch that looked like raw meat around one of his ears. He wouldn’t let me near him so there seemed to be no real way to try to help him. I suppose a trap could have caught him — but that kind of stress isn’t much better of a hope than to let him figure things out for himself. It was hard to watch him suffer though.

He laid around healing for a long time and seemed to get all better. Suddenly he went missing and Mr. Shire came back.

I had to catch this picture of Mr. Shire through the security door at the entrance of the house. The kitties inside told me he was out there. I tried to get a better shot but he moved along to the backyard all too quickly.


He’s such a pretty cat and very big.


The above shot was taken just a few minutes before one.  It seems that might now be when the sun is directly overhead?

It’s been too hot to do much of anything outside — so kitchen scraps have been going into five gallon buckets with the lids a little loose for air. That big pot with the bucket over it has been filled up too and covered with drier things as scraps go in. The goal is to compost everything in trenches as it seems to be the only way it works. It’s just too hot to try to dig.

A cantaloupe got way too soft before I knew it so I am leaving it above ground to let the seeds ferment inside of it. Wondering if that might make them more viable to use to sprout?? It’s always fun to experiment. That’s how things would happen in nature??

Out checking on things, I noticed many of the Anna Apples had fallen under the tree.


They were big this year and many — but are still showing distress from too much heat. Mostly they fell off before ripening and the ones that did get yellow also got the soft, burn-like spots. They heat up from the inside out.

Anna Apples are supposed to be able to stand this desert heat???

Bah humbug. Pish Tosh. Dagnabbit!

How’s someone in the desert supposed to eat if a London Bridge falls down again?


Well, they’re still pretty to look at and food for the bugs. We’ll see if any ripen for me to eat.


Compost is a good thing overall and the long term hope of any real success — so these can go to that if nothing else. It’s been impressive to see Ms. Anna produce so many that are so big. The first year she made some they were tiny. This is progress. Just gotta get some kind of contraption rigged up out back to create shade for a cooler environment. That is also why the Tree of Heavens are being left to grow. Everything I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked out. Maybe the weeds trees will have to be the answer.


Anna Apple tree

It seems to be that we must work with what we have.

And work we must.

Wisdom corner for the day. (Credit to Jon Rappoport’s blog):

Thomas Paine, December, 1776: “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”


Doors With Gaps

The year the water lily was purchased, it was intended to deal with the algae issue with Buster’s pond. Buster preferred to eat it. The lily had to have a new place made just for it. A rigged up deal was made but has worked out just great — a wire round, rows of jars covered with a felt blanket and lined with plastic, clipped on with clothes pins at the top edge of the wire and filled with water. So, there is a lower level where the pot sits and room above for her pads to spread out.

The first year some pellet type things were purchased too to stick in the sand of the lily’s container to feed her. This year, because of you know what, it hasn’t been easy to get south or find the store open to purchase more of the pellets. Perhaps they could have been ordered online, but I was being stubborn because I also wanted some rubber pond liner to make Buster’s new pond.

This year the make-do, fence-wire pond has filled up with snails that love the algae and Lily’s dying pads. Maybe that is nutrition enough — lots of poo from snails?

These flowers must make up to a count of seven or so that have been produced so far and lots and lots of green pads coming and going. Things seem good. The water’s clear.


I started to scoop that big chunk of string algae out but it was laced with snails so it was decided to let nature take her course — always, always good advice.

There is a mosquito dunk in there with it because mosquitoes just aren’t one of the more favorable parts of nature and need a little bit of help to control some — or so it seems.


Goldfish are good for mosquito control but it turns out the volume of water in this tub isn’t big enough to support them. Pish Tosh.

Buster of course, got a water iris since I can’t seem to get my hands on duckweed. She doesn’t seem to like the taste of it. It’s proliferating as we speak and also full of snail that I hope she likes to eat. As soon as the Monsoons hit full swing, it might be cool enough to work on her new pond.


The yard is filling up with Tree of Heavens so it should be a jungle around here in no time. They grow really, really fast and pop up everywhere.


It’s a rainy day. It seems Monsoons are starting. July is the month. It’s also snake season. Lucy was jumping around the other night and pawing at something. I looked down and it was a tiny snake. It did NOT look like a king snake baby so I felt compelled to take my flip flop and smack it on the head — several times. I was hoping to just numb it so I could take it back outside. That didn’t work. I’m still not sure what it was — it was pure sandy colored. It’s hard to tell if it had jowls like poisonous snakes, for the most part, do but it did look to have a fattening tail like it might be growing a rattle. Mommy adrenaline kicked in and survival was the mode. I felt horrible. Just who am I to take a life? From what I’ve read, poisonous baby snakes shoot out all their venom and are more potent than adults? I couldn’t take a chance.

Now for all those doors with gaps. Ain’t it always something?


It’s turning silver as it dries. The head is at the bottom.


The easiest rocket stove I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna make me one. We need stuff like this at times like these: