Doors With Gaps

The year the water lily was purchased, it was intended to deal with the algae issue with Buster’s pond. Buster preferred to eat it. The lily had to have a new place made just for it. A rigged up deal was made but has worked out just great — a wire round, rows of jars covered with a felt blanket and lined with plastic, clipped on with clothes pins at the top edge of the wire and filled with water. So, there is a lower level where the pot sits and room above for her pads to spread out.

The first year some pellet type things were purchased too to stick in the sand of the lily’s container to feed her. This year, because of you know what, it hasn’t been easy to get south or find the store open to purchase more of the pellets. Perhaps they could have been ordered online, but I was being stubborn because I also wanted some rubber pond liner to make Buster’s new pond.

This year the make-do, fence-wire pond has filled up with snails that love the algae and Lily’s dying pads. Maybe that is nutrition enough — lots of poo from snails?

These flowers must make up to a count of seven or so that have been produced so far and lots and lots of green pads coming and going. Things seem good. The water’s clear.


I started to scoop that big chunk of string algae out but it was laced with snails so it was decided to let nature take her course — always, always good advice.

There is a mosquito dunk in there with it because mosquitoes just aren’t one of the more favorable parts of nature and need a little bit of help to control some — or so it seems.


Goldfish are good for mosquito control but it turns out the volume of water in this tub isn’t big enough to support them. Pish Tosh.

Buster of course, got a water iris since I can’t seem to get my hands on duckweed. She doesn’t seem to like the taste of it. It’s proliferating as we speak and also full of snail that I hope she likes to eat. As soon as the Monsoons hit full swing, it might be cool enough to work on her new pond.


The yard is filling up with Tree of Heavens so it should be a jungle around here in no time. They grow really, really fast and pop up everywhere.


It’s a rainy day. It seems Monsoons are starting. July is the month. It’s also snake season. Lucy was jumping around the other night and pawing at something. I looked down and it was a tiny snake. It did NOT look like a king snake baby so I felt compelled to take my flip flop and smack it on the head — several times. I was hoping to just numb it so I could take it back outside. That didn’t work. I’m still not sure what it was — it was pure sandy colored. It’s hard to tell if it had jowls like poisonous snakes, for the most part, do but it did look to have a fattening tail like it might be growing a rattle. Mommy adrenaline kicked in and survival was the mode. I felt horrible. Just who am I to take a life? From what I’ve read, poisonous baby snakes shoot out all their venom and are more potent than adults? I couldn’t take a chance.

Now for all those doors with gaps. Ain’t it always something?


It’s turning silver as it dries. The head is at the bottom.


The easiest rocket stove I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna make me one. We need stuff like this at times like these:


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