Better Than Sleep


It’s hot.
Deserts often are.


Monsoon season is near. Hurry, hurry monsoons. We’re not anxious for winter, or darkness early, but we’d sure like some cool — and water.

Buster’s pond is full of algae. We need the cool to dig the new one and some water will make the ground a little easier to dig.

I watered the very thirsty, thirsty things in Buster’s yard today and over the fence in the parkway. Everything was shriveling and suggesting an expiration date — some things were barely saved in time. The prickly pears were fine, and the mesquite and some weeds — but even the weeds came off a little desperate. It may be that only mesquite and prickly pears can survive on their own without much help but even they say thanks to a little bit of water here and there.

You mustn’t turn your back on anything.

The kitties are sleeping all day long. It seems they’re too hot to think of doing anything better or do they always sleep?

As for me, I wish I had a pool.

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