The Secret Life

The worse before it gets better stage.


Yes, my friend came with her truck and the giant tub was brought home yesterday. It wasn’t horribly heavy but it was awkward and not a thing that could be lifted to carry by one person.

The idea of leveraging it over the fence was scrapped — mostly because there are some fairly baby prickly pears that might have suffered some along the fence there that I hadn’t really considered, (it’s hard to see them from the inside of the fence).


I tried to move it with a flat furniture dolly, but neither the tub nor the dolly would behave — so it got rolled on its side. It turns out it’s more of an oval. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t all that easy but it got there.


It sure would make a nice soaking pool, but Buster’s first in the queue.


I’ve been going out in sessions — dig, dig, dig, water, dig, water, dig — get a little exhausted and take a water-drinking, bed-and-movie break and then go out to dig, dig, dig again — several times today so far.

The Secret Life of Pets was in the $5 bin the other day. I’ve watched it twice already. It’s so cute. Now to find the sequel.


Dig, dig, water, dig…


I wrote about digging this morning on the Writing Spool blog — but, that was about digging for The Truth.

Truth be told, a lot of insight can be gotten while digging dirt — it’s a little bit like meditating — except for the part where the back breaks.


David the Good says Compost Everything. Piled on that heap there are even some cotton blankets and sheets that had been being used for shade but got a little riddled. Why not? It keeps them out of landfills. They will probably help keep the heap stabilized a little better??

I’m thinking that a trench running through the plantings like a river might be nice to use for letting out the water when Buster’s pond needs refreshing?? The yard slopes down from the far end to the other end. I’m not sure, (which means some practicing will ensue), if a perforated pipe might have to be buried to the level of the drainage hole from the tub? Any way it ends up, the dirty water can be used to water things along its movement flowing out.


Water, dig, water, dig, dig, dig. The goal is to dig it deep enough to have the tub just above the dirt enough that dirt can’t get in. Then the thinking so far is some kind of bricks or pavers all around it so that Buster can easily get out to bask. There will also be levels inside made with something?? so Buster has deep and shallow spots for her choosing.


This is where I left off. I can’t wait to get it done because Buster’s water is awful right now. I’m a little worried that it’s toxic to her. I scoop out as much algae as I can every day. It seems to be right back where I started the next morning. Those water irises don’t seem to be working very well. I sure would like to find some duckweed.


I did a little hand washing clothes before I started digging. I’m trying so hard to wash right away whatever I exchange for something clean and not let things pile up.


It was a good day Saturday all in all. We’ll see if I can straighten up tomorrow when I wake up.

Here’s a video I found when looking for whether there was a the at the front of the pets movie title. This appears to be something original by the content provider but looks very, very professional for the little bit I viewed so far. Now it’s time to watch the rest of it.

Secret Life of Pets 2 (not the commercial one)


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