Getting Stuff Done

Well, we finally got some monsoon rain and, as usual, it came in with a roar. It started out as pummeling hail with gusting wind and then the giant bucket in the sky was turned over, not at all gently. The weather report had been, “Hot, hot with no chance of rain.”

Monsoons can’t be trusted.

These ten dollar tarps are not even good for one season. It was so brittle already that it shredded with the slightest attack.

I did just put one up on the inside of the covered patio because I’ve put my sewing boxes out there and there was too much sunlight coming through — the fabrics and yarns in them might just fade. The tarps will probably fair better there — not in direct sun.


You could almost see the weeds, and everything else, grow an inch a minute and sense them singing “Hallelujah!”

I shall let them grow for awhile, (the weeds), and then clip them at their bases so that the roots remain to feed soil livestock and the tops become mulch — chop and drop.

There are the usual varieties of purslane — one edible — one not, (that I know of). I pulled a few out by the roots that were around potatoes so the potatoes wouldn’t have to compete.


Now to find a better remedy for the cattle panel arches to block the sun for summers. Something that can more easily come off for winters.

All sticks from brooms and mops and pieces of PVC, (that were an attempt at something else long ago), were corralled to think about lashing together to make a thing that can be draped over the top and still let wind through. So far, there aren’t enough elements — but seeing them lying there waiting is good for inspiration.

“What would Andrew Camarata do?” I ask myself. “He’d get out his welder and put something together in no time? I imagine.


I’ve really been getting stuff done these days. It may be because I’ve been addicted to watching Andrew’s videos where he NEVER gives up when he’s stumped and he goes immediately from one thing to the next, almost without catching his breath. He is so inspirational — “Okay, that’s fixed. Let’s go to the next job,” he says to his dog Levi — and the camera.

Today I watched one where he was unhappy with the way a bucket for his excavator wouldn’t curl enough so that when he tried to transfer loads from one thing to another, if the boom was too high up, the contents would just fall out. Well, he just cut the thing up, expanded it, welded more metal to it and away he went.


He should be required watching for the up and coming generations.

Another thing that has come to the surface of my consciousness watching Andrew is that, living in the desert has nowhere near the demands as living in the densely wooded hills of Saugerties, NY and its surrounds — Woodstock and the Catskills being among them. Life is much harder where it is cold, cold, cold and snows. They do have lots of resources though — but the resources require maintenance. That is exactly the business he is in, Camarata Property Maintenance.

Right before the first downpour and rip roaring winds, I had put all the sewing boxes in the covered patio on the side that has the metal panels blocking the view to inside of it. I had also just transferred the gorilla rack to be outside of the metal panels in hopes of using it to grow some sprouts over winter?? Another long piece of furniture was put against the panels on the inside and the boxes stacked on it. I thought it was quite secure.

I had to think again.

The wind knocked the metal panels in and in with them came all the tubs. Fortunately, only a few thing spilled out.

I just simply need to learn how to build a better patio. Or, put a roof on the studio. Or…dare I imagine…quit sewing, knitting and crocheting!!! Not a chance.

Heavy jute string, for now, is holding the privacy metal panels to the gorilla rack until I can think of something better.

Slowly but surely, things are getting done.

If I had the money to pay someone to fix things up right would I appreciate it?

I don’t think so. There is something about the doing that is all about what life seems to be about — being innovative and creative — using imagination. There is nothing quite like it.  It is fun to watch others do things too — but only insomuch as it is useful to inspiring you to do it too.

I’m never short on ideas. The only thing I’m ever short on is materials — so, I have to work hard to make what I have work even harder.

Freedom or money? I never have to think twice about that.







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