Anything That Floats

After the last post, I am pretty sure I will bite the bullet and upgrade this site to allow for more media storage since I’ve exhausted the original 3G. It’s $4 a month for 3Gs more, (which, as I said, I really resent but imagined it would be more like $20 so find a little relief from total resentment that I have to pay WP to give them content to sell ads on.) Since the original 3 lasted so long, I guess it will suffice for now.

I was inspired by the following video by DIYMarta on YT to try to make a floating biofilter for Buster’s pond and, since I don’t use FB anymore, this is the only venue I have to share the pictures with Marta.

I went all over the yards in search of elements that I could use to make something. I couldn’t find anything that floats so hoped someone around would have something. The local dollar store just happened to have pool noodles out front for end of summer consumption — I took six of them since I didn’t seem to have anything else on hand that was floatable.

After bringing home the noodles, I still couldn’t think of what I might do to make the part that carries the plants. There is no end of fabric around but nothing akin to burlap.

This is all being done in the mode of practicing to see what will work — so that is what you will see now.


The first thing was to get the noodles round. Wire clothes hangers were perfect as they can be made to sort of spring so that there is tension. Duck tape will need to be reconsidered as whatever gets wet, fails. I’m sure there is some kind of waterproof tape??

I like the round shape and the smallness of these since Buster’s stock tank is deep but not huge in circumference. It’s a Rubbermaid, 500 gallon, black stock tank.

Two of the setups made it over to her pond, but no images at this point since it is all such a mess there at present. She got into that pond before I was really ready for her, so I just let her be. I was excited that she liked it.


So, after the noodles were round, what to use to hold the plants or to plant them into. I took two naval orange bags and opened them up flat to think of a suspended mesh-type thing — but it proved to be a ridiculous thing to manage. Fishing line was tried to attach it and it just wouldn’t behave.

Back to the drawing board.


All of a sudden I spied some old fan guards I’d saved from defunct fans and felt like a light bulb went off in my head — perfect — they seemed. They are a little on the heavy side, being metal. It turned out that they need a second circular noodle under them to float such that the potted strawberries are not submerged. Also, it is better to lash the guard with the convex over top of the #1 noodle, (so that the dip is sitting on top of the noodle rather than below the noodle like it is in this image — this one will be redone) — they still needed the second noodle under them to keep them high enough so that water just barely reaches the bottom edge of the nursery pots with the strawberries in them. They seem to float just right with the two noodles. I’ll keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get bogged.

I am getting inspired to think about an aquaponic medium to plant them in without soil??

Those fan guards have been useful for numerous things but were just recently taken down from hanging on nails because they were not being used. They were in a pile of things being sorted and I couldn’t believe my luck when I spied them.

Plastic ones might be even better, but I always like the better fans so have ended up with metal.


They were tested in this trough first to iron out some of the kinks. Buster has two of them bouncing off the walls of her tank at the moment. There are still a lot of kinks to iron out —  but anything to try to get her water less than pea soup green.

That pile of debris at the fence was a bunch of things corralled around to make another heap to decompose. It’s full of good stuff and was just made a few days before getting involved in this project.

Thank you Marta for your inspiration. Check out her channel. She has all kinds of brilliant ideas.

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