All Lives Matter

The introduction part of this essential video is so inspiring and the photography is enchanting. “They all belong here,” the weedy gardener says. He’s so clever with his presentations.

Bugs, bees, mice, bacteria — everything. All lives matter.

From what I am hearing, many people of color are tired of being served as victims. They want to be treated as equals and not thought of as someone needing so much help — capable of everything everyone else is. Perhaps a more important stance will be to consider EVERYONE gardening partners on this space that we call Earth.

Yes, the title was a little bit clickish, but hey, attentions are so distracted by nonsense — it seems necessary to yell “Squirrel” in such times as these — or “Fire!!!”

“Fire in the hole! Start growing food!!”

I’m going to have to watch this one a few times and find some substitutes for comfrey, chicken poo and seaweed. Of pee, there is an abundance.

Who would have thought that bacteria poo or that plants can suck them in, suck them dry and return their hollow shells to the soil to go back and do it all over again? It never entered my mind.

Isn’t this world a wonder.

The things we fail to think of.


In my own little paradise, two of the gorilla racks are being turned sideways to continue the idea of a catio as well as some protection for the Anna Apple for the worst parts of summer — this back yard gets ALL day sun, ALL year long.

There is a little square hole in the wall where there was a cooler at some point. It had a window when I took this house. I have since knocked it out and it is just covered with … whatever I could find to close the hole I so erroneously made before knowing what I was doing. It’s high up, comes out of the bedroom and will make a perfect place to start a catwalk over the sidewalk like a bridge to the rack. Eventually both racks will be linked and enclosed to give the kitties plenty of options from where to hawk their prey.

That was a lot of work turning that rack and making it level. Now for the other one on the other side of the tree.DSCN1623

Meanwhile, MickeyMouser, the fraidycat is snoozing under the covers. He crawls in there to hide and stays a good part of the day after I get out. As temperatures cool, they are both wanting to be right on top of me most of the time — Lucy especially. Cats really seem to like heat??

I’m trying to squeeze in as may images as I can before I decide whether I want to pay $4 a month to continue. Embedded videos don’t count toward media storage. Cool to know. 

I’m off to a meeting to see if there are enough of us with like minds to matter toward figuring out some kind of strategy if the world suddenly goes darker.

See you later, alligators.



Above Ground Mound

On the “Practice” page of this blog, I go into detail to explain why I live like I do. This is an excerpt from there:

A huge part of the reason that a life of #VoluntaryRadicalSimplicity was adopted by me was because of a desire for freedom — so that instead of regretting I had spent my life making someone I didn’t approve of rich or that I had overstepped my limits within my place on the planet, I would end with feelings that whatever value had been endowed in me was used for its best purpose. Pursuing wealth didn’t seem to meet any of those goals, but personal austerity had merit — the less I needed, the less I had to ‘work’ in unhappy places. I wanted to break free of the mundane…

I was surprised to see the stats for this website today while I was updating the links to the creative writing website. Far more people are visiting this website than I had imagined. I am sorry I’ve been so neglectful. I shall try very hard to improve.

On the “Practice” page, it explains that I’ve started writing more regularly because it is something I feel compelled to do whether anyone sees it or likes it or not — my soul asks me to do it and it is impossible to refuse.

Writing has been filling up time I might have been trying harder to grow things and as discouraged as I’ve been — it’s been a welcome reprieve — we all need outlets.

And not only that, growing anything has been nearly impossible for some new reason and I haven’t identified why. Possibly just that whatever nutrition was available has been exhausted and the attempts to replenish have been very, very slow. Trying to work with no external inputs has its limitations, but it’s what I want to do — another conformity my soul demands.

That all being said, this is the latest adventure, one in an attempt to clear things up a bit and have a cleaner slate.

The front yard was piling up with this and that, logs from my neighbor, leaves that were left in place, branches cut or dropped off of dead things…and was mostly all corralled to make a mound at the east side of the #MotherChaste tree.

It was done as much to neaten things up as for making a habitat that lizards are already clamoring to and for offering a buffer for the tree and water channeling. I have to say, I like the way it looks. It was a marathon project — one that was started and not stopped until the body was exhausted and fried up by the Sun. Up until this, leaves had been left where they had fallen so that anything using them wouldn’t be disturbed. They may be just as happy in their new home, that is the hope at least. It was done quite gingerly.

And when we steamed slowly out of the lagoon, making our way gingerly through the opening in the reef, and then steered for the open sea, a certain melancholy fell upon me.

Just looking up words bring inspiration for writing — chomp, chomp — chomping at the bit…

I digress.

Anyhoo, the lily is happy, Buster is still alive but everything else is a challenge and right now the Monsoons are failing to fall but making the air quite heavy and me as limp as a rag.

above ground mound

This is the finished mound. It started with the biggest logs on the bottom and then layers of debris ending with a mesh of vines that held it well together at the top and then more leaves jiggled in from above to fill things in.


The last of the logs on the top are to weigh it down while it settles.


Still lots to clean up but it isn’t fair to only show the best stuff.

Reality bites.

The covers are off of the #CattlePanelArches now and the thought is to cover it with a sheet of the heavier-duty plastic to make a tunnel of sorts for a winter place the avocado tree can be so that it doesn’t have to be taken in and out of the studio. The panels may need to come off, some PVC pipe laced over the posts to rest the panels on to raise them some for more height.

It’s all so discouraging in this desert, but after seeing a video lately of some fantastic success by a rural couple planting trees in the desert, there is new determination not to give up.

Above ground mound

This above ground mound started by laying the bigger logs on the ground in a somewhat crescent shape. Smaller things were used to fill in holes and then leaves and other finer debris layered.

Above ground mound

This is pretty much where it all started on the day of the marathon yardening session that left me exhausted and sunburned — that I didn’t realize until two days later — the sunburned part, I was exhausted without a doubt.

So, here is another place for critters to use as a hostel — “will work for bugs” — and got a lot of debris corralled and kept it all from any landfill.

It’s all good and I’m very happy with the results.

Trying to find the video an hour or so ago shut this old computer down, so I guess you’lll have to search for it on the Facebook page where it was posted the other day. Sorry. New computer on the horizon.

Best to all. Thanks for coming and returning time and again, according to the stats. ❤