Short Stories

Just My Big

She had been wondering herself, even though there was a picture to try to measure – he was folded and the items for perspective reference were unreliable. He was handsome at any rate…

A Good Thing

A certain peace comes from not having choices. Of course there are always choices, but choices like walking to the store, riding the bike or not going at all are different than “which car should I buy?”…

A Little Boy

He came looking for her and they touched in the hallway, just like feathers falling in the air…

Old Black Water

That boy liked horses and trouble and ended up marrying “a wonderful English girl”, who liked horses too,

Time Slips Away

As part of my #FromNowOn pledging that I am doing and in the interest of “practicing writing” as I have committed, I have taken the advice of my long ago teacher and have been sitting here all day writing, not just two hours.

Good On Paper

The road was lined with giant cottonwood trees, beautiful and majestic, works of art even. They were delightful and steadfast, anchored well to the ground, their leaves fluttering and seeming dainty for such massive structures.


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